Munich nights

Healing in Augsburg

Sunday, waking up exhausted from a week of shows and closing bars too often and so many interesting encounters. Catching the 12h40 train to Augsburg in extremis. Being welcomed at a friend’s table for a late lunch, tea and cake. A walk outside, taking in this city, its sights and its smells. Watching the Christmas lights replace the sunlight. Taking the time to take pictures for loved ones.

Listening to the Hangonauten while lying down on a yoga mat in a room bathed in only candelight. Flying thoughts at arrhythmic melodies that invade everything. It’s the music of nature, the sound of wind gusts through chimes and of rain falling on a metallic roof. Marcus Simon Müller’ Hang is electronically altered in subtle and delicate ways by Mycrotom, giving it an aerial amplitude that fills up your ears deliciously.

Flying high. Finding the exact place between being awake and asleep. A brain massage. Finding out which muscles are sore, which were not taken care of for too long… A pause in the set. The audience settles to make themselves even more comfortable for the second half, to find that special place in meditation again, and to fly even higher.

Drinking an Augsburger beer by the Space 2b counter, still without shoes on, surrounded by home-made food smells and soft jazz music, and feeling rested, happy, at peace.

If you get the chance to experience The Hangonauten, please, please, please do it.