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I’ve been wanting to find a way to make more accessible for some time now. Sadly, the micro-blogging platform is somewhat messy for a first-time visitor and it’s easy to get lost on it, or just get overwhelmed by the ‘endless scrolling’ feature, discouraging people from a more prolonged read of the blog.

So here you have it. A clean, cute WordPress-powered blog, that WILL show in your Google searches (and your google alerts, dear bands). The Tumblr will live on, because we got a nice little niche of Munich people there, and I will keep on making micro-posts and all on it.

But HERE! What’s going to happen HEEEERE! Well well well, as the word has begun to spread out, I’ll be in Munich from November to February, as a full-time blogger / full-time music nerd. This platform is basically a visit card that I will give to people I meet, and a way to feature more elaborate content : music showcase/mixtapes, album reviews, chronicles about Munich nights and my general appreciation of this city, and eventually, a redaction project I have that is very dear to me and that will be detailed in due time. Also, MAY BE collaborations with other people in the city, who knows. This website is now launched, but it’s gonna be more alive from November on, as I’ll basically have all the time in the world to feed this blog.

As you may have noticed, too, I’m putting a big accent on the Munich calendar of events to come. I’m very interested in trying to promote what I think are not-missable events for my own very personal overview of the Munich Scene. This calendar will be relevant from November on, as trying to keep track of all the October events basically hurts too much since I’m not there yet.

Anyway, hello non-restrictive blogging format! Hello freedom to morph and change the posting structure! Hello featurettes and side-bars!


To new visitors, welcome to the blog of the “Kanadische Bloggerin” that dived into the sounds of Munich to a point that she decided to spend the quarter of a year there and write about it.

To regulars of this blog, because yes, these awesome people exist, welcome back. You all keep me going.

See you soon, like, on November 4th at Favorit Bar or something 😉