Cpt. Yossarian’s Europa in Dub – LaBrassBanda (2015)

So, while I was away, Europa in Dub was released on all the usual platforms.

So, of course, I have been playing it to all my open-eared commuters aboard the GendronMobile (because yeah, I test Munich’s new stuff on Montrealers all the time – some people even begin to make links between who’s who now ah). Needless to say, it’s as much of a hit as the first dub tape.

I mean, what is there not to love about LaBrassBanda on its own? Some lightning fast, tighter than tight trumpets, basslines and percs that go directly in the hips, KILLER vocals, and then we are not even talking about the LaBrassBanda live experience.

And then the Yossarian touch comes in, and he cooks Europa again (an album that had a good life with remixes and all), with his 98% dub mix (Captain Walter White Yossarian oops), and it’s a whole new level of WOW. Tecno in Dub is honestly my fave Tecno out of all Tecnos.

Europa in Dub is such an easy album to listen to, and yet, it has got all these YossarianEffects, that kind of throw normal people off, and BOOM all of a sudden everything is comprehensible again (Holland in Dub is a perfect exemple of this). It’s very fun to watch people listen to this album – it’s the kind of album that throw a listener into a position of active listening, instantly. Good job, Cpt. Yossarian.

My personal fave? a sweet tie between Russland and Tecno. Russland is SO SO SO Jahmoni Musik and Sausage Studios, don’t you think?

Great job to all the wonderful people involved in this release! A great album to make summer last a couple more months <3

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