Mars etc. by Aloa Input (2015)

Out on March 6, 2015 on Morr Music

It doesn’t happen often that I listen to an album and just think : this is it. The perfect balance between a soft and a hard core. This album is all soft lips and rough callouses at the same time. In the same songs. There’s nothing simple about it and it defies mathematical thinking. It’s feelings. All-feeling. It’s closed eyes and vibrations in your bones. Beautifully braided threads that create new luminous colours.

It’s good background music for your work, but it’s so much better when put really loud  in a car or on your good headphones. Suddenly, it becomes so full that you think to yourself : “I need to see this band live. I need to experience this album first row with the energy of these guys for me and my energy for them”. Imagine Oh Brother live. Imagine Hold On live. Blabla Theory. The Vampire Song. All of them.

You listen to this album thinking about all the flashing lights and the sweat on the band members’ forehead and the pulsing that goes directly from the speakers to your solar plexus.

“Nice one, Aloa Input!” I said this when these Munich babes released the first album single back then. But it’s more than nice, of course. It’s alive.