Tom Wu (2014)

Tom Wu (2014)

2014 #munich again Top Albums


This is more than overdue!

Let me introduce Tom Wu before everything. He has been one of the metronomes of the Munich Scene for some time now. Tom was/is a part of the amazing acts KamerakinoDas Weiße PferdThe Lazy and Convertible, amongst others, as drummer or rhythm guy or singer/songwriter and if you already had the chance to listen to those acts, you already know that rhythm, in their music, is important as a beating heart. Tom Wu is also known for crafting a few very colourful covers, go listen to them, it’s an amazing standpoint to get a peek in his personal appreciation of Music.

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This is the place by Das Hobos (2014)

2014 #munich again Top Albums

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At long last! Let me tell you about the amazingness that is Das Hobos. Das Hobos is Rhytm Police misters LeRoy and mycrotom’s side project. For full enjoyment of This is the place, I fully recommend to listen to Rhytm Police first. It helps to understand the depth of the Das Hobos sound. It’s a stark contrast from total earworms/pelvis-moovers like Ghost Train or Cecilia, but with the same intelligence and wisdom about rhythm construction and sampling and honestly, once you begin to pump up the volume of Das Hobos, a MYRIAD of ear candies pop out and suddenly it’s not so mellow anymore.

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Inland Empire by Das Weiße Pferd (2013)

2014 #munich again Top Albums

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Surprise! Actually, not much of a surprise. We all know how much of a Das Weiße Pferd fangirl I am.

Das Weiße Pferd…. the project of two of my “faves”, misters Pöschl and Sánchez, a project that has grown a lot since San Fernando (which is an album of raw magic, to be listened to as often as possible). Inland Empire is something else. It has a musical maturity that is out of the ordinary, it’s so intelligently constructed that you can find solace in its beauty.

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Ghoaster Coaster by Murena Murena (2014)

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So I continue my journey (this list will be updated 1-3 times a week until 2015 depending on my engagements) with an album that, quite frankly, is at the same time super heavy and super accessible. It’s not a kind release, it’s completely action-packed, and yet, from personal experience, if you put it as soft background music in a public place, you automatically arise curiosity : “is that some David Bowie I don’t know?” “Wow what’s playing?” Or when it’s on a shuffle playlist “oh put that other artist before again, you know the rockabilly one”

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Homeless Information by Parasyte Woman (2011)

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I cannot not talk about how Parasyte Woman’s album Homeless Information was a key musical piece for me this year. Honestly, if I don’t listen to this album once a week, I feel deprivation.

Together, Manuela’s voice, her unbelievably wide register and technique, and Protein’s talent for creating outer-worldly complex musical pieces collide and connect to make this very very very well-written-executed-produced album.

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