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Random musing #672

aka Huge Mishmash of MongkongLove and “Oh no, the blogger is talking about The Blogger once again for fuck’s sake”

(Photo credit : FastForwardMonaco)

The SMS gigs threw me back into The Rhytm Police, more specifically the Turbo Bells album. I feel like I understood sooooo much of mongkong beats in the process of the listening of these SEVEN (7!!!!) HOURS of juicy jams. SEVEN HOURS.

— Huge boring egoblahblah parenthesis starts here —

This is so incredibly “Munich again” (yeah even if the RP is noooot really Munich per se, you know how fluid this hashtag is anyway, it includes some London stuff dammit)… So yeah, it made me realize I never really synthesized what I am on about with staying so completely hooked on this bunch of musicians across the ocean :

– Fall in love with an album
– Embark on the not very healthy quest of knowing everything about the band and its whole discography, and then dig even further by researching every band member and their side projects
– Follow musicians blindly in every adventures they embark on
– Make a shit ton of connections between said adventures, older works, and collaborations with others all equally stalked and blindly followed
– Fall in love with the initial album all over again

This is some crazy, time-consuming way of actively listening to music. But it’s SO. WORTH. IT.

And as to the answer to the quintessential question “But why these guys and why these albums and these eclectic music genres and why this city and these networks” : I don’t know man, it just touches me more than anything else, somehow – don’t you think I don’t know how easier it would be to fall in love with music from where I live, from people I know, with whom I could work, for whom I could work for?

— Huge parenthesis ends here – phew —

So yes. Mongkong, TomKong, Mycrotom, Tom Simonetti, Rhytm Man of Many Nicknames. A “Sharp Shooter”, as Mister LeRoy penned him once in a conversation.

The Rote Sonne SMS gig was a very glorious moment to watch Mister Mycrotom in action. As I said in a previous post, it DID have some Rhytm Police grooves in it. And that rhytmic fight for power at 1:05:00-1:10:00-ish was such a frustratingly perfect moment that I literally screamed a couple of times. You and Mister Belp nailed it big time.

You go, Mycrotom. I don’t say nearly often enough on this blog how important you are.