Sarah Gonputh – I’m Still in Love – The Remixes (2015)

If you have followed the Munich Scene Tumblr Action in the last couple of days, you might have noticed that we have all been raving a little about this concept of Munich Scene All Stars. All of a sudden, we just put on a pedestal the usually pretty elusive artists that work in the shadows of badly lit studios. We act as if they are now international celebrities (I might even have made comments about how hot they were, but mostly kept it to myself (but damnnnn)).

What is happening in the Munich Scene these days? All of a sudden, it’s all about “Shit, have you heard the latest LeRoy remix? So. Hot.” and “Oh god the latest Pollyester pics are the SHIT”. There’s actually so much happening in the Munich Scene these days that you can just feed on the latest news and still not be able to cover everything. I know I don’t cover everything, for instance. I am still very sorry for all these unheard jewels still in my “to-be-listened” list from when I was Flavour of The Month and strangers sent me things to listen to. I’ll get to you and your fantastic sounds. Where am I going with this? It will all make sense.

Let’s talk Schamoni Musik and their impressive Fall/Winter 2014-15 Collection. Oh, was that a Couture reference? It totally was. In less than 2 years, Schamoni Musik reached a pretty sweet spot where you can look back at all their discography and see how matured and incredibly clever every choice was. They now have this network of incredible artists that produce so much quality at such a high rate?! The nerdgasm remixes, for example, a remix album born on the Internet, bringing together some of the most intelligent musical people in Bavaria? Boom, done. Thanks Schamoni All Stars.

Which brings me to the Sarah Gonputh Remixes. This album is a case study in itself. It’s a study on timing, a study on creation and a study on musician psyche. The Sarah Gonputh Remixes album might even be the ONE album in Schamoni’s discography that sets my mind on fire the most. Yes, that much.

Sometimes you listen to music to let it take you somewhere else, you let it tell you a story, you let it touch you physically… Some other times you listen to music and your brain starts spinning with questions and realizations and it resonates in your nervous system. It makes it so hard to weave your impressions on it as a whole, as thoughts keep pushing themselves in front of each other at high pace and it doesn’t stop…

So this album exists because of a voice track only, right?

How can you do remixes of a song that does not exist yet?

In what other directions would the album have taken if Belp hadn’t started it this way?

How did each of them approach the project? What was the initial trigger? Can I try and spot it in each of the versions?

The Belp version is a tribute to the aesthetics inspired by a woman’s voice. It’s sepia toned, wearing a long pale raincoat in an industrial London from another time…

Steril outdid himself yet again. His version is definitely the one that uses Sarah the most, in a very bright and shiny way. Steril made Sarah Gonputh a star.

Protein. Ah, Protein. Surprisingly, his version is the one that reminds us the most of the original Seb-I reggae vibe. I’ve been calling it “Acidofluorescentropical” these last couple of days. Hell yeah. Put that on a T-Shirt.

Bartellow, more like Bartelloooooooow. Everything good and dirty happens below the belt in this one. It’s grinding against you and makes a hole in the floor with a laser beam.

And then there’s Pacifico Boy. Kamerakino Kreatures meet the London Queen in a Psycho-Circus Waltz Ballroom. I’m so mad at this one and I will probably still hear new things in it in two thousand years.

Eshna_Tron is the most hardcore thing ever? Is it a statement or music-feels-induced choices that lead him to say, in the end of this very colourful album : I’m not in love anymore.

I’m gonna leave this here, listen to the album again, and bathe in the light of these Munich Scene Stars as my mind continues to consume itself. Death from Beauty.

Sarah Gonputh – I’m Still in Love – The Remixes — Out tomorrow on Schamoni Musik