On Tour

A train ride. A gig in Linz. A tour bus ride. A gig in Vienna. A day in Vienna. Another gig in Vienna. A night of dancing. A car ride back to Munich again.

When put like this, it seems pretty ordinary, the life on tour is pretty minimalist : travel, look for something to eat, perform / set up / do whatever your job is, drink a lot along the way. But life on tour is also about discovering or rediscovering cities and venues, meeting old friends scattered all over the world and making new ones, and enjoying this lovely feeling of being right here right now, somewhere else with other faces, for the sole purpose of sharing your art.

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The last day of Schillerstraße

There is no possible introduction to a Munich Night where you get to see Das Weiße Pferd and Majmoon live and then go close the Unter Deck under DJ Marcelle’s skilled touch. Everything is perfect about a night like this, it all flows so well (because yeah choosing to skip PULS festival, even if it hurts, was the most reasonable decision ever). You then go home at 4AM and cannot sleep for an eternity, because you’ve seen and heard too much but that’s okay, it’s just the time needed to come back to Earth.

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Inland Empire by Das Weiße Pferd (2013)

2014 #munich again Top Albums

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Surprise! Actually, not much of a surprise. We all know how much of a Das Weiße Pferd fangirl I am.

Das Weiße Pferd…. the project of two of my “faves”, misters Pöschl and Sánchez, a project that has grown a lot since San Fernando (which is an album of raw magic, to be listened to as often as possible). Inland Empire is something else. It has a musical maturity that is out of the ordinary, it’s so intelligently constructed that you can find solace in its beauty.

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