On Tour

A train ride. A gig in Linz. A tour bus ride. A gig in Vienna. A day in Vienna. Another gig in Vienna. A night of dancing. A car ride back to Munich again.

When put like this, it seems pretty ordinary, the life on tour is pretty minimalist : travel, look for something to eat, perform / set up / do whatever your job is, drink a lot along the way. But life on tour is also about discovering or rediscovering cities and venues, meeting old friends scattered all over the world and making new ones, and enjoying this lovely feeling of being right here right now, somewhere else with other faces, for the sole purpose of sharing your art.

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The happiest nurse in the world

I’ll have to start this post about the Friday LeRoy instore gig at the Praxis with some words of love to this tiny, fantastic record store that I’m working in. Five days a week for a month now, I spent my afternoon (and some very neat evenings) in Schamoni’s record store, putting some quality records on and talking with people about the fantastic sounds produced by the Munich Underground Scene. In the last weeks, the Praxis was a place where beauty happened.

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Elastic minutes

Long minutes in short hours, short minutes in short hours, short minutes in long hours…

Time stretches as I wait for the evening to start off at Corleone. Meanwhile, I absorb the beauty of the place : Sus Sutherland’s artwork, Fastforwardmonaco’s videos, the high ceilings and the speakers that come out of the walls. Finally meeting some people that are so, so, so important. Time stretches but it’s not boring, not at all.

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Skläsh – LeRoy (2015)

So here we are, at the beginning of Skläsh, at the beginning of Like a Disease, at the beginning of a 39 minutes journey into LeRoy’s creation. To be honest, as I write these words, I’m still in my first love-phase with Skläsh. The /passionate/ phase. The “I wouldn’t think about cheating on you with any other album ever” phase. The “I will never get enough of you” phase. So, for once, unlike any other “review” I ever posted, you get the whole “crazy girl” loot. Enjoy.

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