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The Bridge

The link between cities, universes. My universes. Munich meets Montreal, at long last! The last days before Pollyester comes to Montreal fly by at alarming speed as the POP Montreal staff is finalizing the last details before the opening party.

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In my boots – Pollyesterädt-managing-editor-at-german-public

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The Big Post of the February 1st Recap

Photo credit : Nana Dix (So this is it, the big post. It was written all day between meetings and travels…) I listen to the pulse of downtown Munich on a Monday morning and realize how silent the city was yesterday. Silent? Only outside. Because if you knew where to look out to, you would […]


City of O by Pollyester (2015)

I warned you all about this incoming storm. The new Pollyester album is flying through the atmosphere like a storm of pink and gold glitter. It gets on everything. There’s something properly addictive about this album. It’s shiny. It’s glossy. It’s catchy as hell. It’s stand-alone pieces of perfection that are joined together by The […]