A conversation in Montreal about the Munich image problem

The debate about the image problem in Munich is extremely interesting, and more than necessary. I strongly recommend to read the initial article, the counter-article, the Keno answer and the follow-up before reading this article.

Yesterday, I sat down in the Montreal Atomic Café with Dennis Kastrup, a friend of mine that also shares his time between Germany and Canada. Dennis is a music journalist that work primarily for radio stations in Berlin. He has followed the image problem debate, and accepted to meet me to continue (publicly this time) our year-long talk about the Munich Scene : a conversation in slightly broken English between an insider and an outsider.

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WHAT is it exactly that make all the BELP remixes so fucking good??!??!?

Every time some takes BELP’s work and does something new with it, either the result be near or far from the original, it’s always completely wonderful?!?!

Ok let’s hear what triggers this rant. It seems that all the work BELP’s been doing on the experimental/glitch/”what weird shit are you going to come up with next”/#BELPCORE networks triggered a new collaboration : Toilet Man and BELP exchanged songs (that are not even a month old) and had their way with them. The results are insanely fantastic, as always, but even more so since WELL IT’S REMIXES AND YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH OF A SUCKER I AM FOR GREAT REMIXES.

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Hello there!

Welcome to munichagain.com!

I’ve been wanting to find a way to make munichagain.tumblr.com more accessible for some time now. Sadly, the micro-blogging platform is somewhat messy for a first-time visitor and it’s easy to get lost on it, or just get overwhelmed by the ‘endless scrolling’ feature, discouraging people from a more prolonged read of the blog.

So here you have it. A clean, cute WordPress-powered blog, that WILL show in your Google searches (and your google alerts, dear bands). The Tumblr will live on, because we got a nice little niche of Munich people there, and I will keep on making micro-posts and all on it.

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