What comes next? – Dizzy Errol (2015)

What comes next when you release such a total joy of a record?

I’ll tell you what comes next. You play that record until your ears bleed and your knees fall under you from too much dancing.

Dizzy Errol is one constant, bright blue moon in your sky. He accompanies your nights and shines so bright that no shadows are left, anywhere. Instead, castles of light form up like ectoplasmic buildings, each one speaking tales of lives and life itself.

From the first notes of Big Brother to the glorious ending of O.K., nothing could possibly be added to the sheer crowd pleasing masterpiece that this record is. Every piece fits in a bigger picture : where is Dizzy Errol now? He’s singing inside your ears, stories and timeless melodies and his radiating love for music.

At the same time that Motherlamp was pages of a book, like a journey through his multiple lives and universes, this album is pages of his legacy, somehow. It’s a screaming yet chanting voice that resonates between worlds and music genres. It’s his own voice, in each instrument, in each little layer of him, in his immense limbs getting giddy from the excitement of playing with counter beats and syncronicities.

This is what comes next.

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