Munich nights

Younger bands smashing the establishment

Ok let’s spread some love like Nutella on a hot, buttery croissant. Let’s spread some love for some younger bands, because we all know that my usual network is more in the established underground and that I have found a niche in which I feel very, very comfortable.

Cord Club. A bouncer at the entrance. A crowd of twenty-somethings, cute girls dancing on the front row. BR cameras everywhere. Led lights, pop culture paintings on the walls, we are so far away from my usual venues. The Cassettes, The Escalateurs, Dezolat. Three bands who put fire to their audience tonight.

It’s a Boys Bands night. Pretty faces, carefully chosen outfits, strong visual signatures. I arrive very late as The Cassettes play a poppy, rocky, catchy set. The energy level here is already high, but it’s nothing compared to when The Escalateurs start their set.

A couple of songs in, and they manipulate their audience in a way I’ve not seen yet here. The audience IS on fire, and yes, I’ve already compared them to early Franz Ferdinand, especially with their dancey post-punk tunes and the lead singer’s charisma that works so well with this more mainstream scene. I honestly wish them the best for the future, and a strong, raw-sounding and resonating debut album.

Dezolat plays next, and I’m in love again. The front row is full of dancing fans, again, and the singing along happening here is infectious. Suddenly, we are not in this too-perfect-looking club anymore… We are back in the underground, with a sound that I love : it’s skillfully dirty, with twists and turns and invasive riffs and I’m kicked in the face by synth lines and lyrics I wish I understood. Once again, every song is a hit song, and I yearn for an album.

Maybe that’s why my usual scene is a little more established, even if it’s always in a very under the radar way. It kind of  hurts to leave a concert without a LP you would have bought…