A love letter


Dear friend, dear artist, dear Munich Scene,

Emotions are high, right now. Heartache and love and wanting to enjoy every last minute with you make me feverish, shaky and a little manic. I already miss you, so much. I miss your voice, the way your accent roll your “r” and soften your “v” and the way you say my name. I miss your stammering and mumbling when you try to find a word to express your idea to me in English, this atrociously touching gesture of you not giving up on trying to communicate with me. I miss hearing you say “Fuck it up” and “Munich Flow”, casual little reminders that I left some traces of me in your speech, that even in small details my fingerprints are all over the place.

I’m going back to this other life of mine with my head full of conversations we had together. With your laughter still ringing in my ears like great records heard but not owned, transporting memories of happiness.

I miss the way the sun catches into your eyes when you smile and the way the bar lights redden your cheeks. I miss ruffling your hair and leaning against your shoulder and hugging you. I miss patrolling with you this Big Village and hopping from one venue to the next, going steadily and with purpose with this Flow that created some of the most interesting nights of my life.

I’ve never said it, really, but I’ve rarely felt more alive than during those crazy nights. Never before had I kept my eyes this opened to all these possibilities and opportunities. And grasped them. We didn’t only share drinks and music together, we also shared this desire to create the unforgettable, the unique. We jumped into the night like you jump into your art.

I miss watching you perform. I miss the feeling that sometimes you perform for me particularly, and I miss answering your own raw energy with mine. I like to think that you trust me with your music, that I’ll understand all the layers of creativity and work in there. I like to think that you know that I will always be there for you, unconditionally, when you are on stage. Your records are and will be photo albums for my soul, triggering warm feelings of pleasant remembrances.

I can’t even express how grateful I am for these magical months spent with you, either the Artist you or the Friend you. You put so much beauty in my head and so much life in my blood. I am on fire, ready to embark on a new adventure, and that’s all thanks to you.

I love you and you make me feel loved, too.

Goodbye for now,

Émilie x