Author: Emilie

  • Helldunkel by Protein (2014)

    Helldunkel by Protein (2014)

    Schamoni –  Bandcamp – Soundcloud Okay. To be honest I wanted to put this one on a later date because I just talked about Parasyte Woman, but, with the momentum of the European release with Indigo, it needed to happen now. Please bear with me as I need to tell you my Helldunkel story. *Or just skip next paragraph, […]

  • Ghoaster Coaster by Murena Murena (2014)

    Ghoaster Coaster by Murena Murena (2014)

    Official website – Echokammer – Bandcamp So I continue my journey (this list will be updated 1-3 times a week until 2015 depending on my engagements) with an album that, quite frankly, is at the same time super heavy and super accessible. It’s not a kind release, it’s completely action-packed, and yet, from personal experience, […]

  • Homeless Information by Parasyte Woman (2011)

    Homeless Information by Parasyte Woman (2011)

    Echokammer – Spotify – Soundcloud – Lyrics and album art I cannot not talk about how Parasyte Woman’s album Homeless Information was a key musical piece for me this year. Honestly, if I don’t listen to this album once a week, I feel deprivation. Together, Manuela’s voice, her unbelievably wide register and technique, and Protein’s talent for creating outer-worldly […]

  • DAMENKAPELLE aus München by DAMENKAPELLE (2011)

    DAMENKAPELLE aus München by DAMENKAPELLE (2011)

    Echokammer – Spotify – Bandcamp – Peter Kemp’s review So here we begin the 2014 Countdown with the album that started it all, that made this girl from Canada fall in love with the Sound of Munich and acknowledge so many wonderful artists. This album was a life changing experience for me honestly. I could go on and […]