BELP feat. Becky Reynolds Band (2015)

The frontman in the synthesizer

With his iconic tie and his eight huge gloved hands
A headless octopus in a suit. His head is in the clouds
Playing serenades under a vectorized moonlight
Like melancholic cries for his long gone lover
When is Becky coming back? Pam, pa-lam, pa-lam

The Journey in Becky Reynolds Band’s universe is a unique one. Who is this band? Is it a trio? Is it a love triangle? Let’s see…

It starts with the very assumed aesthetics of automatic tracks from kids’ Casios of our musical frontman, Mister Headless. After a glimpse in his genius mind, Pissy Milly comes in (that she does!) and the rollercoaster rides begins.

A music fight begins between Milly and M. Headless. Is she jealous of Becky? Saxploitation is a confrontation. It’s an intense push and pull and it locks  and it falls apart again and locks back together. Where is Becky anyway? The singing diva is in the dressing rooms again.

What if our musicians worked together? Milly’s sound with Headless’ longing in Venetian Mirror, wow. It’s intense and full and round and glowing.  Too much for our poor lovesick man. He pushes Milly away. Pam, pa-lam, pa-lam.

She comes back with revenge, though. It’s a seduction plan through sound. She’s gonna reach the clouds too. She explores different skies, sounds and timelines, searching and searching and searching. Will she find him? It may not be the Easiest Way, but it’s gonna be worth it…


BELP feat. Becky Reynolds Band is candy for the mind. You can make it whatever you want. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I do (and having it in your hands too, this coloured 10″ vinyl is so incredibly sexy you won’t believe it) .

Coming out this Friday, on February 20th, 2015!