Columbus (2015)

Y’all know by now I much I give love to goodies that get sent to me…

Like THIS AMAZING COLUMBUS EP THAT WILL ONLY BE RELEASED ON JANUARY 9!!!! Vielen Dank Schamoni, again, for all the magik.

Listen to this album like you own a club :

11 PM : Strings of Munich. Start the night with a little spice. It’s double-gin-tonic happy hour. Party hoppers settle down look around and decide that this is the place to stay for the night. Have a good one.

12:30 AM : Paper. The eternal build-up will get the grinding bodies all sweaty and thirsty for the inevitable and liberating bass drop. It’s the starter. Don’t mess up with the next song and your booze bar will be empty at the end of the night.

1:30 AM : Microcosm RomantronikThe thirsty ones see this as salvation and quickly make it to your over-driven staff. Screamed orders of “Make it fast!!” and large tips are dropped on the counter because the pull to go back in the middle of the thrusting shenanigans is strong. Arms make indescribable designs in the air and coil around a stranger’s neck.

3:00 AM : Teardrops. Un dernier coup de grâce. Bass rumours in dark corners as new pairs tangle together. Security agents moving a toe to the beat, unseen, as they make menacing eyes. Your prettiest barmaid rolling her hips and shoulders as she counts her money. You fear for your air conditioning system. It’s been a great night.