Emilie in Munich, Chapter Three

Switching from Montréal Mode to Munich Mode is like turning the page to a new chapter, every time. The gesture is increasingly smoother as it engraves itself in muscles’ memory. Three times now. Three chapters that start in the unknown, with loved protagonists and cityscapes as anchors for an ongoing tale of music, passion and freedom.

This particular chapter starts a few days before packing as familiar melodies cut through the hot and humid air of a Montréal summer night and for the first time in months, the sounds waves sync up and run me over. The inhibitor that made it possible to live (peace)fully Here after such an intense three-months-trip There is gone, and even if words don’t flow freely just yet, my mind races again.

This very particular energy, which fuels a deeper listening and absorbing of sounds and a desire to know everything that’s going on right here right now, this energy that is so, so, so Emilie-in-Munich, comes back to me like an old friend’s affection and care. From July 7 to August 7, the blogger is coming back home.

So, keep looking at this blog and its calendar, and see you in bars, in venues or at the Isar. Let’s write some good pages for this chapter, shall we?