Février, mars, avril, mai

It’s been only four months. It’s highly likely that I’m not able to come back to Munich for another four months.

Still, my Facebook feed is dripping of summer shining on Bavaria, and I feel like I’m not completely missing out all the fun. You all post stunning show pictures, backstage glimpses, rehearsal teasers, bar snapshots… I’m eternally grateful for all the magic you share with the world, it means so much to me.

But it’s so, oh, so hard. I physically miss all of you, so much. Four months ago, I discovered your faces with so much awe, these faces I knew by heart from photographs, with so much wonder and scrutiny that they are written in me. It was not just the music anymore. Four months ago, I fell in love with these faces, too.

How do you live with so much love inside of you? How do you communicate such a huge amount of beauty? How do you SURVIVE to such a huge amount of beauty?

I want to burn under the light of the sun, burn my skin, blind my eyes…
But I also still want to be chilled by the fresh breeze, under the shadow of a tree.

There is not a single day that goes by where I don’t get flashes of your smiles, your sounds for me, our conversations over records, beers, or dinner tables. Every day, these flashes fill me with happiness.

This is the story of a girl, so far away, who is still very much in love, with dozens of musical souls and the faces they show to the world.