The school of Kamerakino

#munich again’s First Wave of love : the school of KAMERAKINO by Émilie Gendron on Mixcloud

For the launch of, I’ve decided to make a little something for those who would come across this platform for the first time. So here you have it, some humble mixtapes of what exactly munichagain is about : how, from stumbling across a closely knitted network of artists and falling in love with their music, I began to navigate into a whole city of sounds and cliques.

I will approach this the exact same way I discovered all those bands. Let’s dive into Munich together 🙂

‪#‎munichagain‬‘s First Wave : the school of Kamerakino

It is now quite known that I fell for the Munich Scene through Franz Ferdinand’s guitarist, Nick McCarthy, and his side projects. I had been a fan of Box Codax for quite some time then, and got interested in what band members do when they are not with their main act. In a certain glorious time at the end of February – beginning of March 2014, loads of things happened at the same time : the release of Erdbeer Mund’s video, directed by Anna McCarthy; the presence of Franz Ferdinand at a DAMENKAPELLEdemonstration in Munich, and listening to an old Domino Records radio show showcasing the Munich Scene. It all went downhill from there : I needed to know EVERYTHING about that bunch of people. How come everything thy published touched me so much? From Damenkapelle’s “art game so strong” as their newfound American fans put it, from the infectiousKamerakino beats, the astral journey of diving into Parasyte Woman‘s harmonics and Protein‘s incredible sounds, my music library took a 180 degrees turn into the unknown. And it kept getting better! Pollyester! Dizzy Errol! Tom Wu! Murena Murena ! Das Weiße Pferd, oh gods! I had hours and hours of new favourites to listen to. And it all connected together, amazingly, and I began to research all there was to find on Discogs’ credits to find what I was missing still.

More “waves of love” to come soon on here, along with a lot more stuff that Tumblr can’t handle. Bis bald!