Hey! So what did I miss in the last 6 months?

Well, maybe nothing, if you are living off Soundcloud tracks and coffee, like me. Or maybe you missed something big, or something small but life-changing.

So here’s a humble little mix for you! Only fresh sounds from 2015 from the Munich Scene.

Track list – most albums have words of love on this tag on this blog

  1. Watery GraveLeonie singtGutfeeling – January 9th
  2. Die ZukunftDas Weiße Pferd – Echokammer/Schamoni Musik/Sub-Up Records – January 23rd
  3. Sarah Gonputh’s I’m Still In LovePacífico Boy’s version – Schamoni Musik – March 13th
  4. Die Nerven’s George MichaelVonTram’s remix – Bandcamp – February 19th
  5. SpaceDizzy ErrolEchokammer – May 22nd
  6. BELP’s Tropfsteinhölle – Cpt. Yossarian’s Nerdgasm remix – Schamoni Musik – Mid-April
  7. Damenkapelle’s HaHaHigh Voltage Humans’s cover – Soundcloud – February 14th
  8. My Father’s EyePollyesterSchamoni Musik/Disko B – January 30th
  9. L’Amertume (Club Edit) – BELPSoundcloud – May 8th
  10. Oh BrotherAloa InputMorr Music – March 6th
  11. PaperColumbusSchamoni Musik – January 9th
  12. Rote Laterne – Le Millipede – Alien Transistor – June 5th
  13. Die Nähte der Nacht SaitenHans PlatzgummerKonkord – April 17th

Other SUPER important releases that didn’t make it into this mix because I needed to stop at some point :

Stay tuned for what’s to come for the second half of 2015!