Let’s blog about a blog

So, ph (aka platzhalter) is out. 

ph is an online fanzine where artists get to talk about artists that inspire them and also where they compile the good events to come

At first glance, because of the personal interests of the initiators, it’s very music-oriented but the goal is to network with enough great people to get a broad cultural calendar full of genre- and form-bending beauty. 

“platzhalter” as a name is full of double meanings.

It’s a temporary solution in an ever-evolving worksite. 

It’s a stopper to keep a door from closing.

It’s an eviction-fighter. It’s a space-squatter.

It’s a seat-warmer. Maybe for something even better.

I am excited for this. For the collaborations and for the discoveries. I’m looking forward to having all the important events automatically pushed in my phone’s calendar. And I dream of printed editions and I dream of festivals.  

But first, let’s write posts and compile dates. Hit me up if you want in.