Münchner Freiheit by Das Weiße Pferd (2015)

Can Münchner Freiheit be the cornerstone of a new era of intelligent, unpredictable and transcendent folk music, please? Can we make sure the wild White Horse will be elevated to mythological creature one day?

I stated on my first hearing of Münchner Freiheit that I may need two thousand listens to properly understand this album. Many, many new discoveries and “replays” later, I rest my case: I might listen to it for a century and still find out new little layers of beauty in it. This is what Das Weiße Pferd does best : produce iridescent gems that morph, twist and surprise you, depending on the lighting.

Yes, San Fernando and Inland Empire are complete jewels that shine in a hundred colours, and I only begin to feel intimate with them after whole months of revisiting them. But Münchner Freiheit… is denser than a diamond. The only way I can describe it, for now, is that it’s as if a storyline that is so action-packed would become tridimensional and pierces through the skin of reality. This storyline, here, like any millennial tales, is now yours to tell. What is the Münchner Freiheit for you?