Introducing Munich Against

AGAINST any monolithic definitions of beauty
AGAINST quantifying success in any way possible
AGAINST giving space to neoliberalism in subculture
Is it Munich Against, or Against Munich?
Every few weeks this summer, will munich again(st) give Carte Blanche / Freie Hand to a pillar of the Munich Subcultures. Everything is allowed. A platform for experiments and free spirits. And free entry.

All the informations for the June nights can be found on Facebook or the Rote Sonne website.

1.6 Noise Mobility Festival Warm-up Night

8.6 Munich Against – Carte Blanche to Veronica Katta und Freunde

15.6 Götz Grünberg und Freunde

22.6 Munich Against : “Chat Group”

29.6 Bobby Conn & Monica Boubou + Damenkapelle DJs

(Click image for full view, artwork by Anna McCarthy)