Das Weiße Pferd – OKTOBERFEST

A worm in Pico Be’s ear during a nightly bike ride through Feldmoching. It’s Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby. Bicycle wheels through empty streets bordered with greenery, cars and Hochhäusern chanting The Glory of Love over and over again. The repetition of the cityscape and the moving lights are intoxicating. 

The Odd Poet thinks of the coach of his school years. He probably has a little house in Feldmoching now. The humid stillness of the summer night resonates with the dusty memory of this need to please authority, to be recognized, to belong. A teenage fantasy about money, ambition, love. 

Why do we want money? Or achieve bigger goals? Or be recognized? What does it bring anyone, if not always wanting even more? The poet cycles faster. Speeding seems to stir the stagnant air and his queasiness.

“Oktoberfest” from Das Weiße Pferd is about a dreamer living in a society that doesn’t understand dreamers. To all of them in the Basement of the City, the white horse says: Hold on. Hold on tight. If we hold on to each other we will get through the smoke and ashes together.

Photo Credit:
Melanie Chacko

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Disclaimer: Oktoberfest wurde für Musikanlagen abgemischt, nicht für Telefone.