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  • Tom Wu (2014)

    Tom Wu (2014)

    Tom Wu (2014) 2014 #munich again Top Albums Echokammer – Bandcamp – Facebook – Soundcloud – Youtube This is more than overdue! Let me introduce Tom Wu before everything. He has been one of the metronomes of the Munich Scene for some time now. Tom was/is a part of the amazing acts Kamerakino, Das Weiße Pferd, The Lazy and Convertible, […]

  • This is the place by Das Hobos (2014)

    This is the place by Das Hobos (2014)

    2014 #munich again Top Albums Bandcamp – In Gute Hände – Facebook – Spotify At long last! Let me tell you about the amazingness that is Das Hobos. Das Hobos is Rhytm Police misters LeRoy and mycrotom’s side project. For full enjoyment of This is the place, I fully recommend to listen to Rhytm Police first. It […]

  • Helldunkel by Protein (2014)

    Helldunkel by Protein (2014)

    Schamoni –  Bandcamp – Soundcloud Okay. To be honest I wanted to put this one on a later date because I just talked about Parasyte Woman, but, with the momentum of the European release with Indigo, it needed to happen now. Please bear with me as I need to tell you my Helldunkel story. *Or just skip next paragraph, […]

  • Ghoaster Coaster by Murena Murena (2014)

    Ghoaster Coaster by Murena Murena (2014)

    Official website – Echokammer – Bandcamp So I continue my journey (this list will be updated 1-3 times a week until 2015 depending on my engagements) with an album that, quite frankly, is at the same time super heavy and super accessible. It’s not a kind release, it’s completely action-packed, and yet, from personal experience, […]