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  • Tanzverboten


    The night of the First Snow and the Dancing Ban. No car exempt of fingerprints as classical Saturday antics lived on, intoxicated pedestrians grabbing the wet snow between their fingers as if to feel if it is real. Smiley faces drawn on windshields, crude words written on car hoods. People wandering aimlessly at 2:30 in the…

  • This is the place by Das Hobos (2014)

    This is the place by Das Hobos (2014)

    2014 #munich again Top Albums Bandcamp – In Gute Hände – Facebook – Spotify At long last! Let me tell you about the amazingness that is Das Hobos. Das Hobos is Rhytm Police misters LeRoy and mycrotom’s side project. For full enjoyment of This is the place, I fully recommend to listen to Rhytm Police first. It…