The Bridge

The link between cities, universes. My universes. Munich meets Montreal, at long last! The last days before Pollyester comes to Montreal fly by at alarming speed as the POP Montreal staff is finalizing the last details before the opening party.

This is the bridge in the song of Emilie, a surprise melody that ties everything together. As Montreal’s ears will get to hear some of the sounds that started it all, my own ears will hear something unlike anything before: laughs and voices that, until now, were confined to a far away island in my memories.

On my first Munich trip, Pollyester members told me one very wild evening: “We still can’t believe you’re real!” At the time, I replied with a wide smile and a slight shrug. This week, they turn the tables and I’m the one shocked with disbelief. My Munich world will leak into my Montreal one in the most tangible way possible, and I can’t believe it’s all really going to happen.

I am so proud of this bridge that took over two years and a lot of emotional investment to build. It’s finally there, it’s open for business and it’s going to change everything.