Travel Chronicle #1

Yeah I’ll try to do that… I once thought about interviews and stuff, but I feel like if I begin to live this amazing Adventure only through this blog’s eyes and necessities, I am gonna miss out on some important stuff.

So we will see what kind of form this blog will take in the next weeks. I think its purpose will draw itself as the trip happens.

But for now, I’m already half way in Munich’s time zone…. And that I’ve been for the last few weeks. I’ve steadily woken up at 3 or 4 AM since that very busy week in December, hah. As if a part of me is a little in sync with the other side of the ocean. I’ve begun packing. I’ve begun keeping up a to-do list of work and personal stuff that needs to be done before I go. I’ve begun asking myself stupid questions like “should I bring a bathing suit” and “is the wifi accessible everywhere” or “will the Schamoni dogs like me”. I’ve begun saying goodbyes to close friends.

The plane leaves on Wednesday afternoon, and I feel like it’s just a breath away.

I can’t stop thinking about how, 9-10 months ago, I was googling the people I’m about to meet, completely lovestruck by their portfolios and careers and sounds and discogs pages. I counted the Facebook friends I have in Munich, and shit, it’s impossible that I actually get to meet all these people in that one trip, there’s too many of them. It’s gonna be impossible for me to actually have a one on one conversation with all these completely amazing people, there’s not going to be enough hours in a day for that. It’s a little heartbreaking, and yet, it strikes me as a truly remarkable feat to have come to that. I wish they all know that Montreal will welcome them with open arms, too. That’d give us more time to chat, haha.

I’ve begun listening to some albums with the thought that it’s probably the last time I listen to them before I meet their creator(s). It’s an incredible feeling. I’ve said it before : the ultimate fan dream.

Personal reminder for any future trips though : the 3 weeks before you leave are just impossible madness, a maelstrom of meetings and work logistics and social events and gigs planning and everybody wants to see you before you leave, as if you’ll never come back. Plan accordingly next time, oops.

Only two nights of interrupted sleep left. And two days of complete craziness. And 9 hours of trying to get as much rest as possible while flying above the Atlantic Ocean, because it’s all gonna start with a big big bang and a pizzapocalypse and seeing faces I feel I already know far too well.