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SMS – Striking Melodic Spontaneity

Is SMS (Schamoni Musik Service) fluid or solid? Is SMS’ core stable or is it an evolving entity? Was SMS a fixed point in time (oooh and a pretty cool, historical one that was) or is there more to expect? So questions I had this summer after the 7 hours of magic have been answered! On Monday, at Favorit Bar, […]

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SMS – 7 hours of magic

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Random musing #672

aka Huge Mishmash of MongkongLove and “Oh no, the blogger is talking about The Blogger once again for fuck’s sake” (Photo credit : FastForwardMonaco) The SMS gigs threw me back into The Rhytm Police, more specifically the Turbo Bells album. I feel like I understood sooooo much of mongkong beats in the process of the listening […]