SMS – Striking Melodic Spontaneity

Is SMS (Schamoni Musik Service) fluid or solid? Is SMS’ core stable or is it an evolving entity? Was SMS a fixed point in time (oooh and a pretty cool, historical one that was) or is there more to expect?

So questions I had this summer after the 7 hours of magic have been answered! On Monday, at Favorit Bar, a small but very attentive audience was treated with a new SMS set, this time with Schamoni Misters BELP, Mycrotom and Punkratz Wandler.

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I think the most fantastic thing about SMS, is that it all lies in the fact that, as a listener (and probably for the musicians too), you have the certitude that you are going to experience some incredible moments, but you never know when nor how long they will last. Sparks, lightning bolts or stars exploding… Timeless sets… Ha, I feel compelled to bring back the SMS Comic Strips now. It really nails what happens in these improvised concerts.

It’s also good to know now that even if the line-up of musicians changes, this feeling of living a moment of eternity stays. SMS can now be a fluid entity, one that explore the boundaries of sound that FIT with each venue they play in. The Favorit set started as an ambient set, but then, somehow, somewhere between Punkratz Wandler’s machines, Mycrotom’s drum pads and BELP’s synth knobs, we switched from two of the Bar’s identities : “Favorit is my second living-room” to “Favorit is the place in Munich where DJs can play the most eclectic sets and every move is allowed”.

So, yes. Another fantastic set. Another hour of SMS that I listen to with new ears every time, finding new moments of beauty, new microseconds (or is it minutes? or days?) of perfection…