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  • Time Capsule: DJ Bike 2022

    Time Capsule: DJ Bike 2022

    The DJ Bike was an absolutely nice surprise among the insane amount of Kulturveranstaltungen happening this fall. The last-minute-ness of it made it straight up punk, even if stunningly curated: places – people playing – people passing by. Die Lore flirting with the snail sculpture next to the Theresienwiese Biergarten, Rag Treasure dancing in the […]

  • Munich Again in ImpEx

    Munich Again in ImpEx

    Dear people that sometimes fall on a webpage, This is a long overdue online update of what happens offline, in this Munich Scene/Subculture(s) where all is known without the need of a WLAN connection. Munich Again Thursdays is now a monthly Mittwoch in Import Export. I repeat. Munich Again is now every last Wednesday of […]

  • The opening night from the blogger’s point of view

    The opening night from the blogger’s point of view

    Hello, here’s the blogger again. Long time no see 🙂 . I want to share my impressions on the first Munich Again Thursday yesterday, not from the booker’s point of view, but from the Emilie that watches the Munich Scene from afar, the Emilie that feels a lot of love for the artists that give […]

  • The Life Post Alien Disko

    The Life Post Alien Disko

    Something visible, audible, strong and shaking the landscape. A earthquake in Munich. Or a lightning striking the city, maybe. Nope, this was the Alien Kick, and to this much-needed invader, we wish the warmest welcome and hope it will come back soon. From trance caused by polyrhythmic melodies to shocked awe in the face of […]

  • Peace and Noise and a new chapter of the story

    Peace and Noise and a new chapter of the story

    Let me tell you a story. The story of a fangirl living the dream. It’s a tale of diving head first into opportunities, a tale of shared passion for music, a tale of love fusing from all sides. In this story, this fangirl left her fingerprints all over the musical stories of a city. Somewhere, in […]

  • The sounds the stars listened to

    The sounds the stars listened to

    My evening at the Import Export has been booked for months now. Finally seeing Le Millipede live, and then being over-enthusiast about the 1115 add-on to the show, and then getting to know a little about Jam Money from hearing it at Favorit Bar and instantly digging it… Last night’s line-up was perfect on paper, […]

  • The happiest nurse in the world

    The happiest nurse in the world

    I’ll have to start this post about the Friday LeRoy instore gig at the Praxis with some words of love to this tiny, fantastic record store that I’m working in. Five days a week for a month now, I spent my afternoon (and some very neat evenings) in Schamoni’s record store, putting some quality records […]

  • SMS – Striking Melodic Spontaneity

    SMS – Striking Melodic Spontaneity

    Is SMS (Schamoni Musik Service) fluid or solid? Is SMS’ core stable or is it an evolving entity? Was SMS a fixed point in time (oooh and a pretty cool, historical one that was) or is there more to expect? So questions I had this summer after the 7 hours of magic have been answered! On Monday, at Favorit Bar, […]

  • The Night that never ended

    The Night that never ended

    From Thursday to Sunday night, only one enormous day happened. No time to write, no time to rest. Each musical moment, each discussion, each surprise encounter leading to even more fondness… It’s Tuesday evening, right now, and I am still recovering from this hangover of love.

  • Younger bands smashing the establishment

    Younger bands smashing the establishment

    Ok let’s spread some love like Nutella on a hot, buttery croissant. Let’s spread some love for some younger bands, because we all know that my usual network is more in the established underground and that I have found a niche in which I feel very, very comfortable. Cord Club. A bouncer at the entrance. […]