The last day of Schillerstraße

There is no possible introduction to a Munich Night where you get to see Das Weiße Pferd and Majmoon live and then go close the Unter Deck under DJ Marcelle’s skilled touch. Everything is perfect about a night like this, it all flows so well (because yeah choosing to skip PULS festival, even if it hurts, was the most reasonable decision ever). You then go home at 4AM and cannot sleep for an eternity, because you’ve seen and heard too much but that’s okay, it’s just the time needed to come back to Earth.

Blogger confession : I actually listened to every Das Weiße Pferd album and everything that’s on Soundcloud that day… This is the kind of ‘fan things’ I do… I prepare. I immerse myself in my own love for bands before I go see them play live. My first time seeing Das Weiße Pferd live. It was a very special day for me.

Getting to Kullukcu and hiding the smile on my face as La Noche plays a continuous loop in my head. Seeing so many people that are so important to me. Showering so many of them in love for previous shows and things to come… It’s this kind of night, where I am stuck somewhere between my positions as friend, drinking buddy, blogger and fangirl.

Das Weiße Pferd starts playing. I can’t help but look at the pacing sheet and automatically know how great the show will be. And it is. A perfect mix between the first three albums, and I’m suddenly so glad that the persons next to me on the first row are dancing too. Every song is so powerfully delivered that it’s not cold at all in the Galerie anymore, and everything but the show is a little blurry. Maybe I’m making a fool of myself, dancing so hard and singing along but I really don’t care, this band is too important for the social conventions of the usually contemplative German audience.

Die Zukunft has me nearly screaming lyrics on the front row. A guttural ‘oh my gooood’ comes out of me at the most powerful rendition of Sonntag in Meiner Stadt that probably has ever existed. The fangirl in me thought : ‘hey, this show is a fucking gift to humanity’. Yeah, this is how deep I’m in…

Majmoon starts to play just a little too soon and I’m dancing in the infinite WC line. Something strikes me : I’ve seen them twice now, and both times, there’s something perfect about their sound. How can they even find such a warmth and clarity in this venue? How did they do it in the Glockenbachwerkstatt basement too? I manage to sneak in late on the front row, and it sounds even better. Majmoon’s sound is pure, live, the perfect balance between instruments, and I may even go as far as saying that they are probably the tightest band in town. They are playing together in an impossible level of unison, even when they start the encore that the bassist has never played before.

I love Majmoon so, so, so much. Things I’ve already written about them, and that I need to bring back today : In twenty years I hope Majmoon is remembered as Kraut Legend. In twenty years I want people to look back to the 2010’s and think : ‘‘Yeah, so much greatness was made in Munich. Majmoon for example. I had the chance to see them live and it was a unique experience. The way they played together was like a beam of light going from the underground and piercing ceilings and illuminating the skies.’’

DJ Asmir has the Munich Ladies dancing barefooted for one last time at the Kullukcu Galerie. The Last Day of Schillerstraße was celebrated in beauty, love and wonderful sounds.