Bass! How low can you go?

Ernie tells me : “they are playing 30 songs in 45 minutes”.

Everything on the Glocke stage is shaking from fast-paced kick-ass drum stunts. The only thought I have in mind as I head-bang and laugh at lyrics such as you have long hair and you’re lookin’ like a fucking HIPPIIIIIIIE is “these guys are motherfucking crazy”.

G.Rag hits a cymbal with the head of his worn-out guitar. The bassist looks like his hands will soon burst out in a bloody explosion on his chords. There’s a mass of dreads jumping up and down so high on the first row that a long haired animal seems to be convulsing over the audience.

It’s an incursion into another scene completely, even if there are familiar faces. It’s oddly refreshing. This is one of the things I love the most about my trip this time around, my curiosity and thirst for shows every night bring me new discoveries. This network I am in has roots into so many music genres that in the same evening, I go to an old-school punk show and a groovy Dj set down at the Sunny Red to a Kraut-induced DJ set at Favorit.

A groovy night. Analstahl had this riff between songs, a playful joke really : Bass! How low can you go? It was a great introduction to this other part of my evening. Not to the Dj sets per se, but two songs and an Helles in and you are struck with the need to dance.

10 minutes unto Steril’s set (well, my arrival to Sunny Red), the dancefloor filled from 15 to a packed place, and in the end of his set, Steril entertwined two Thermonucluar songs in, creating a memorable, collective cheer. It’s actually quite a bold move, to put your own songs into a set. But damn, it worked. It worked sooooo well.

Cheering crowd, finally dancing to this record I had only heard into my own sound system back in Montreal… Thermonuclear is a killer and should be treated as such.

Steril is so important. Hey, did you know that this album was actually one of the first records I fell in love with on the Schamoni label? Even before Belp, even before so many other important things.

Next time there’s a Steril DJ set, don’t miss it. From 23hr to 24hr in Munich tonight, Sunny Red was the place to be.

A last drink at Favorit bar. Esclé is Djing tonight. As I come into “Munich’s second home”, I’m struck by how low the sound of the Dj set is. The music is beautiful but nearly drowned in conversations and for a second I wish I had the guts to put the master level up. I’m alone, at Favorit tonight. I read Pico Be’s Facebook text about last night through google translation and smile. Neither in Canada or in Favorit bar, I am never alone, not really. There are always important things being shared out there.

I write these lines with my thumb on my phone, as my other hand hold a beer that disappears quite fast.

Friendly faces come in. Projects in the works. Albums coming up. I have such knowledge about the good things coming up here, it’s such a shame nearly anybody knows about the beauty that is around them, beauty coming up, beauty already out there…. This city breathes the purest air and it doesn’t even know it.

I go back home with a weird but interesting mixture of punk, hip hop and kraut bass lines.