Throwback Thursday

I’ve written like 3 versions of this post already. It’s hard, wanting to talk about a moment, but not finding the right tone to describe it. When I got home last night, my mind was buzzing from an eventful, long day of seeing people, meeting people. The tone of last night should have been a sweet melody, but I couldn’t find it just then. But don’t worry, it gets there in the end.

As my first drafts wrote themselves late in the night, I obsessed about the past, about the future. The tone was nearly angry, and it’s not what last night was. So how to start again? I put some music on. I brew myself another coffee. There you go. Throwback Thursday starts again.

An evening that starts off at Rundfunkplatz 1. Hallo, PULS studios, you are nearly empty at this time of day, but all the people here are remarkably friendly, and put my shaking-self at ease as I answer questions about my quite unique story live on the radio. Throwback Thursday. Being thrown back into the past, how it began, how it unfolds, at which chapter of the story are we now? A new question emerges at this chapter : what are the difficulties of keeping this up between trips to Munich? Oh. Yes. Maybe that’s where the new chapter is heading to : Emilie in Munich and the spaces in between.

The interview ends on Protein’s LTN as a face I’ve not seen in months smiles at me through the glass windows of the studio. Throwback Thursday. We go for drinks and it’s not about the past anymore. It’s about the present, this long strech of present tense that will last for three months. The tone is playful, and doesn’t dwell on the fact that in three months, it’s going to be the past again.

The Munich Flow takes me to Favorit Bar afterwards. Throwback Thursday. Another face that I’ve not seen in months at the other end of the bar. A hug that is long overdue. Catching up. Favorit Bar is one of these places that feel like a second home on some nights, this cavern of worn-out walls and linoleum stalagmites, bathed in red lights and great DJ sets, full of warmth and people you love. The tone is now of this great record you don’t play too often because you want to continue to cherish it for years. But tonight, you treat yourself.

A Throwback Thursday… Slaps in the face from the past that root you in the present…