Strobe Energy

Sorry for my readership, this IS a Munich Nights post, not a Emilie’s Chronicles. But the intensity of short-lived moments of beauty, between strobe lights and short, intense sets and spontaneous dance floors on a Wednesday night put me in a very, very specific mindset.

Getting lost in words to write and getting lost on the round point of Gärtnerplatz as sounds and lights fill up my mind – writing it down on my phone. On automatic pilot back to home… The autocorrect mistakes home for none. Is that what this is about now ? Mini-existential crisis incoming ?! Yesterday night was the « if we were last time I’d already be back in Montréal right now » night.

Earlier. Watching the artist at work at the Praxis for tomorrow’s gig. A beer in my hand. Old Echokammer dancey records are on. Beautiful discoveries, and records that I already call « old friends ». What is home, at that moment? Home is this tiny record shop, that I already invested with my own signature, with records re-positionment, event publicity showcase, beer in the fridge, new events coming up… I learn basic words in German for words that are my basic working language back in Canada : the German word for screwdriver (which is complete nonsense), the one for lighting gel sheets (lichtfolie… pretty hot)… The small disco-ball installed for the Tam Tam Instore Gig tomorrow (Author’s note : well, today, Thursday…) is moving in this universal, well-loved spin of lights that touch everything.

Later. Glockenbackwerkstatt again, third time in a week. I’ve been showered in good words for Repetitor, a post-punk band from Belgrade. Of course I would come by! As I said on last Monday’s post, MajMusical Monday music recs are to be treated like gold. The venue is fuller. The head-banging stronger. The band is GOLD. Their energy is as powerful as the detonations of the strobe lights that bathe the stage. After one song, everybody wants to marry the drummer, or the band itself. The usual front row vitality extends to all of the audience. A quick dive of the guitarist in the crowd, and a guy in the audience licks the chords of his guitar. This is the vibe tonight. Stroboscopic moments of intense explosions on stage and off stage. The set is short-lived and the crowd asks for more with such energy that House DJ Josip Pavlov doesn’t even know when to start his first song.

Later later. A moment of fresh air outside. Another Helles. Catching the live set in the « right » side of the Glocke. Going back to the « left » side to say bye to friends. Realizing that a mini-dance floor has erupted there, at the fantastic hand of Josip’s always impeccable taste. Time for a crowd-pleaser. It’s as if the dancing people here are still in that strobe energy, that imprint that is left in your eye after being blinded by light.

Typical Wednesday, really. And you’d think I’d stop to find things to write about after a while, that every night in Munich would end up being the same. I don’t think they ever will…