M for … Montag?

M for Managing to do some house work at long last. M for Meeting over pastries and talking about important things. M for Multiboy playing in Café Shau ma moi as I get the new 4Shades album from Albert Pöschl. M for MajMusical Monday and a great, great evening of shows in the Glockenbachwerkstatt. M for Marking this date in the calendar as the day I decided to trust “Majmm” into infinity and beyond.

Oh, MajMusical Monday. How long have I yearned to see one… It’s one of these things that have been on the munichagain radar for so long. The concept is flawless : ‘You’re a band touring Europe? Monday is your usual day off and you happen to be near Munich? Well, come play at the Glocke, the sound is good (it is!) and the crowd, whatever its size, is curious, supportive and welcoming’.

… Or at least that’s my definition of “Majmm”. It’s, once again, the professional Munich Underground Scene at work (underground, and, in my opinion, underrated, the Glocke should’ve been PACKED this evening). Another proof that that DIY vibrant vibe that’s going on in this city is working.

But a little more about the show. Waves from Munich performed a radiant set with very few cuts, entertwining their ambient, fresh melodies together into long, ininterrupted moments of music. It was a beautiful way of diving into the band’s sound, their instrumental tracks that work so well live, fueled by a rawer energy that give a very nice touch to the aerial and neat feel of the recordings.

Mashrooms introduced themselves very casually, telling the audience that they were ending their tour with us tonight, that they were a little tired… Haha, the minute they started playing they got washed over by an infectuous, playful drive that won me instantly. Good. Good good. Sharp turns, fantastic rhythms, great harmonizations that are orchestrations, truly. Zugabe! Encore! No wonder they sold out all their records.

Oh yes, MajMusical Monday. I trust your taste, very much. Thanks for the great discoveries, and see you next month, for sure.