Emilie Djing (c) Enid Valu

Time Capsule: DJ Bike 2022

The DJ Bike was an absolutely nice surprise among the insane amount of Kulturveranstaltungen happening this fall. The last-minute-ness of it made it straight up punk, even if stunningly curated: places – people playing – people passing by. Die Lore flirting with the snail sculpture next to the Theresienwiese Biergarten, Rag Treasure dancing in the Rindermarkt Fountain, Nikos Papadopoulos DJing at Rotkreuzplatz, and more and more and more. Photos and Videos and Sets are all available on the DJ Bike Website. Go have a look or a listen, it’s such a beautiful portfolio.

Here is my contribution, a set I did after Daniel Door and Panty Paradise in Kreativquartier. It was a beautiful, noisy sundowner:

Photo Credit: ©️ Enid Valu