The happiest nurse in the world

I’ll have to start this post about the Friday LeRoy instore gig at the Praxis with some words of love to this tiny, fantastic record store that I’m working in. Five days a week for a month now, I spent my afternoon (and some very neat evenings) in Schamoni’s record store, putting some quality records on and talking with people about the fantastic sounds produced by the Munich Underground Scene. In the last weeks, the Praxis was a place where beauty happened.

The Praxis Portraits, where I brought people in the shop that are important to me to put some records on, fed me with incredible background stories about what this so-called Scene is about : a constellation of music lovers that work together to always push the boundaries of musicality and performance.

The instore gigs and jam sessions with Daniel Door/Punkratz Wandler and Pille und Sardelle filled the store with playful soundscapes that make this quite sad, posh city more colourful, and my heart fuller. And on Friday night, LeRoy treated a very crowded Praxis with a concert that was charged with this vibrant energy that only this tiny place can offer, a touching intimacy that went from him to each single person in the room.

Skläsh songs that got everyone dancing and softly following along, and I’m suddenly realizing that we are a bunch of quality, loving friends and/or music nerds. New, pumped-up songs that blew everybody away (especially me, for reasons known to those who were there, haha). LeRoy, as a musician, performer and as a person, has this gentle edge that instantly touches you. His music caresses your ear with each sensible move of his fingers on his machine’s knobs, with each effect-twisted interventions of his deep voice. A look at the audience and a shy smile, a redness on his face with every generous applauds…

I feel so privileged to have hosted such a quality night. To have made the Praxis warm and welcoming both for LeRoy and for this crowd of fantastic people. The night didn’t end here. Until past 2 in the morning, the shop remained busy with sounds of Munich and great conversation and even some dancing and singing along.

As I write these lines, only three days are left to the Praxis era. Each of these days will welcome even more quality people and their energy that is now making the shop’s heart beat strong and fast. And I’ll be there until the end, as the attentive nurse, taking its pulse…