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  • A healthy diet starts with wine and good music

    A healthy diet starts with wine and good music

    Did you know that the first record I ever played was Protein’s Helldunkel? That I actually equipped myself with a turntable in order to enjoy that album to its full potential? Protein is special to me. So is Nana Dix, this incredible joy of a woman who feels so much.

  • The Call of the East

    The Call of the East

    Oh, Munich. How you surprised me tonight. Monday evening. Cosily installed in front of my laptop. Good music playing in the background. I could easily have just drank another beer by myself and happily have gone to sleep. But I really wanted to witness Franz Dobler’s speech live at the Willie Nelson Tribute. So I…

  • Pink lights and good feelings

    Pink lights and good feelings

    Finding that a show is on 15 minutes beforehand through Facebook. Finding out that said show is 10 minutes walk from home. Let’s go. An evening at Café Hüller, on the other side of the Isar. A cold beer in the great company of the Gutfeeling guys. It was about time we did that, too.

  • The Munich Flow

    The Munich Flow

    At a certain point, especially with the big festival coming up today, you have to ask yourself, what is this sound of Munich? The sound of Munich is evolving for me this time. Last time, it had names, it had anchors in specific labels and specific venues. This time, I see the sound of Munich…

  • Emilie in Munich, again, and RIVER

    Emilie in Munich, again, and RIVER

    So here we are, at the beginning of a new chapter, or a new story completely, for this blog and this blogger. I flew in yesterday, and I’m officially in Munich for the next three months. Seeing shows, meeting people, talking about music all the time. A wonderful step out of reality to dive into…

  • The Big Post of the February 1st Recap

    The Big Post of the February 1st Recap

    Photo credit : Nana Dix (So this is it, the big post. It was written all day between meetings and travels…) I listen to the pulse of downtown Munich on a Monday morning and realize how silent the city was yesterday. Silent? Only outside. Because if you knew where to look out to, you would…

  • Emilie at Der Untermieter

    Emilie at Der Untermieter

    Overdue Recap of my guest appearance at Der Untermieter ! Yesterday was completely crazy and then today I forgot to post about it. The playlist of magic!! In order of appearance (the one that should have happened, but sadly we had technical difficulties) :

  • Travel Chronicle #3 – KSWP Edition

    Travel Chronicle #3 – KSWP Edition

    You know what’s nice? That’s nice. I’m beginning to think there’s a masterplan at work to seduce me into staying in this city forever. We tried to find our way to the rehearsal room (yeah, the indications were totally needed), and found this steep set of metal stairs down what seemed like a redesigned sewer…