Emilie in Munich, again, and RIVER

So here we are, at the beginning of a new chapter, or a new story completely, for this blog and this blogger. I flew in yesterday, and I’m officially in Munich for the next three months. Seeing shows, meeting people, talking about music all the time. A wonderful step out of reality to dive into another one. À bientôt Planet Montréal, I’m 100% on Planet Munich for a while.

So yesterday night was RIVER at the Unter Deck. But yesterday night was also a constant slap in the face of “Hey, this is real, I’m really here”. There’s something about live music that reminds you of your position in the universe. The position of being in an audience and receiving music is like getting electrified from the top of your head, right into the ground. RIVER is especially good at that, as the continuous flow of each of their songs gets so deep inside your brain that time becomes elastic…

… RIVER the river (if you have not seen the band live yet, at least listen to Essenz and Huna Huna to understand where the following comes from) : the name is so well chosen. When you watch a river flow, you only have access to a certain portion of it, it flows from one side of your peripheral vision to the other in a continuous movement. Like each RIVER piece, the big picture is one continuous loop, but if you watch closely, you get absorbed in each little wave, until nothing exists around you than their movement. Time really do stretch, then.

But then, with this incredible line-up of musicians on stage, what would you expect? Special mention to Salewski on drums who completely blew me away, and of course to Rosalie’s voice which is one of the most powerful instruments in Munich I think.

Can’t wait for the album. Can’t wait to abuse these songs until I know intimately each little wave inside them.