Pink lights and good feelings

Finding that a show is on 15 minutes beforehand through Facebook. Finding out that said show is 10 minutes walk from home. Let’s go.

An evening at Café Hüller, on the other side of the Isar. A cold beer in the great company of the Gutfeeling guys. It was about time we did that, too.

Watching Señor G.Rag take pictures. Señor Ernesto smiling all the time. Fred Raspail bathed in dim pinks lights as infectious beats go straight from his guitar to the collective sway of the room. Heartfelt improvs from Sir Hagen Keller on guitar and accordion.

Stunning moments of music. A mini-dancefloor emerges next to the bar. The fact that the waitress’ high bun is still holding on even as she dances with quite some energy is nothing short of a miracle.

An unplugged waltz for one of the encores. For a moment, we are not next to the Isar anymore, nous sommes sur le bord de la Seine.

An evening where French, English and German sentences flew by, collided, danced.

Gutfeeling, good feelings. The poor pun has been told times and times again, but invariably proves to be true at every turn : it’s music that feels good, every time.

And there are so many more good feeling nights to come this month. I’m very much looking forward to them.