Emilie at Der Untermieter

Overdue Recap of my guest appearance at Der Untermieter ! Yesterday was completely crazy and then today I forgot to post about it.

The playlist of magic!! In order of appearance (the one that should have happened, but sadly we had technical difficulties) :

1- Shadow of a Doubt, by LeRoy, from the just released Quattro Stagioni -aka pizza EP- : A great starter. Sets the table perfectly for what I wanted to show afterwards.

2- Teardrops by Columbus ! One of my addictions of the 2015 new releases.

3- Blacken the Black by Blacken the Black : to me, this song is a perfect example of timeless tracks. This could be released in 2015 and still be completely accessible.

4- Here Comes Pissy Milly by Belp : also an addicting piece of 2015. The Becky Reynolds album is gonna make some waves, I think. Can’t wait to hear it again.

5- We don’t need no legs tonight, by Dis*ka : another timeless necessity of the Munich Scene. Very funny moment : we were talking in the interview about Kamerakino’s intro words, by Didi Neidhart (Dis*ka member heh), just before the song played.

6- Die Zukunft by Das Weiße Pferd : fresh and hot from the vinyl press!!

And sadly, the audience didn’t get to hear the total lenght of this amazing baby, but we are totally gonna premiere it again, don’t worry. So the final piece of magic :

7- In My Boots REMIX by Protein. You heard right!!!!! It’s totally happening! It’s fucking perfect. I’ve been obsessed with both the original and this one for ages now. The Protein Remix is a very gracious, honorific song. It keeps just enough of the original to make it shine even more, I think. I love both tracks to pieces. So yeah…. stay tuned for a re-premiere of that little bomb 😉

… And oh, I told my host that I give them 10 points if they find out what the little cross I put next to my name on their wall is… don’t tell them the answer! (and no I did not draw the squirrel thing)