A healthy diet starts with wine and good music

Did you know that the first record I ever played was Protein’s Helldunkel? That I actually equipped myself with a turntable in order to enjoy that album to its full potential? Protein is special to me. So is Nana Dix, this incredible joy of a woman who feels so much.

Words the blogger always wrote about Nana Dix :

If anyone out there is not familiar with Nana Dix’ videos yet, let me introduce you to this part of her work…

Nana Dix feels everything there is to feel in music. She has an amazing way of grasping the energies that lie in music and sounds. With visuals, she manages to share her own very unique and intimate perspective on tracks, sometimes shedding a completely new light on it (it’s the case for me with Emulgator, which I now rediscover with joy).

Watch her videos with an open heart, and let the music flow into you. It’s a feast for the senses.

So a Munich Night with Nana Dix and Protein/Tobias Laemmert, the projection of Secret Garden. Some wine, some great company, Nana’s perfume hanging on my scarf after we hug, a heartfelt « Merde! » told to Tobias before the projection begins.

Let it be known, before last night, I was already quite intimate with Secret Garden. The perks of my weird, always evolving position as #1Fan/Blogger/SchamoniGirl/Friend… Actually, when I was in Munich last time, they were working on it. Tobias was in the studio saying “Ach, don’t listen to this part it’s not finished, and now it’s crap.” So last night was my first ever experience of ‘not watching a finished piece, but watching people watching a finished piece’. Seeing the looks on their faces when it ends, watching them congratulate Tobias and Nana who have worked so, so, so hard and thouroughly on that piece. Seeing the ghost of tears in Nana’s eyes as she watches this child of her, all grown-up and ready for the world.

After a short break, Protein takes over, a work of shadows and beats and guitar and ‘effects and more effects’. Helldunkel songs live, unreleased songs live, Protein live improvisations. Nana, next to me, witnessing my restlessness and enthusiasm about some particular moments. It’s a fantastic set. The collective sigh of happiness and ‘aaah’s as LTN starts playing puts a smile so big on my face that my cheeks hurt. Goosebumps. There is so much love in Kunstklang tonight.

… See what I just did? I was writing in past tense, and then without realizing it I switched to present tense as I actually went back there. Protein’s music does that to me. You just witnessed that. I won’t correct this paragraph.

There are going to be some more screenings and you should go. I might even go there again. Future details on Kunstklang. Be healthy, Protein is good for you 😉