The Munich Flow

At a certain point, especially with the big festival coming up today, you have to ask yourself, what is this sound of Munich?

The sound of Munich is evolving for me this time. Last time, it had names, it had anchors in specific labels and specific venues. This time, I see the sound of Munich as a flow, the flow of the Isar maybe, or the Helles, a flow that gets into whichever door you leave opened to it, a flow that creates electricity.

If you’re reading this blog on a regular basis, you’ll notice there are a lot of redundant themes between this post as my previous one, on RIVER. Well, yes there are. Maybe the last time I was in Munich I was fooled by the idleness of winter, but right now, all I can see is this chill, liquid energy, and so many things that were said to me 9 months ago finally make sense.

Tonight (after failed attempts to catch a gig but that’s a boring story) the Munich Flow lead me in a small session of bar hopping, of feeling vibes, of learning stories. Here’s the very small list, in case you are interested : I met up in Baader Café with fantastic people, and then we took off to this kind of packed Koeri place (the second floor of an Indian restaurant that turns unexpectedly into a tiny dance club at night) to finish at the temporary Kammerspiele bar to hear the BELP Dj set that was never advertised anywhere but was fantastic stuff that so many more people should have witnessed and danced to. The setting was not ideal at all : a neon-lit corridor that organized the space like IKEA furniture : a Dj table made of beer crates, a bar, the washrooms. Three great discoveries all in all : a Munich institution, a new hot underground thing, and a hard to find, kind of nearly secret hang-out place (well, maybe it’s fuller usually, I’ll have to return to confirm my theory).

This, this is the sound of Munich. It’s these one-hit-wonder-remixes before midnight that get you in the mood in good company, these dance tracks in hidden clubs where trendy people sway a little awkwardly to, to these out-there tracks from the future, these fucked up time-wrapping transitions, that only 7 persons (counting barman, barmaid and DJ) paid attention to.

Let’s see where the Munich Flow takes me tonight, and the night after, and the night after…