Peace and Noise and a new chapter of the story

Let me tell you a story. The story of a fangirl living the dream. It’s a tale of diving head first into opportunities, a tale of shared passion for music, a tale of love fusing from all sides.

In this story, this fangirl left her fingerprints all over the musical stories of a city. Somewhere, in the last year, Emilie-the-crazy-girl-from-Canada, Emilie-from-munichagain, became part of the Munich Scene that she wrote so much about.

It started with a bang, the sound of a door kicked open the moment it is unlocked. All these doors that got kicked open afterward… Interacting with bands on Facebook. Getting my words shared by them. Meeting them in bars in Munich. My first time seeing them live. All the times seeing them live after that. Having shows organized especially for me. Drinking with them in dressing rooms. Dining with them and their family. Dancing with them on dancefloors. Bringing them to the Praxis for drinks, talks and even gigs. Hearing myself in their new songs. Getting on stage for stunt-back-vocals.

And then, the final door that was kicked open last week : organizing a whole, full-scale event with them, figuring out what backline they need to bring, keeping up the timetable for them, dancing with lights on them as they play (ha ! those 4 lovely faders were so sweaty at the end of the night). Getting thanked by them for my work, for how fluid the whole night was.

From dancing alone in my living room in Montreal, to dancing on the front row. And then from dancing on the front row to dancing at soundchecks and backstage while working for the show itself…

The Postrutsche Benefice Night was a wild one and a total success. From 18:00 to 6:00, twelve hours of Music From Munich in this fantastic venue. Tuna Trio, Express Brass Band, Protein, LeRoy, Manu Rzytki, Majmoon, The Grexits, MurenaMurena, The Notwist, Das Weiße Pferd, Friends of Gas, Pollyester. Deejays Ras Hank, San Quentin, Jacques du Sac, BELP, Bartellow.

Everything was perfect, in the Munich way : the Flow was there. Children running around, discovering this great space in the early evening. The stunning documentary on Yemen, a 40 minutes wave of resonating music. The warm applause for each band. The increasing number of people dancing as the evening wore on. People climbing up the Rutsche in order to catch the best view of the Notwist. The wild cheers during songs for the last bands… It’s as if, as hours passed by, the space grew bigger, and by the time Pollyester played, we were in this immense arena with light beams flashing in the haze of cigarettes.

Then, people began to wander around, to follow their own flow and energy levels. Sitting down in the Kino Kammer, getting back up to dance either in the main room or the spacey second DJ space. At a certain point in the early morning, the number of people drinking Spezi and Helles was next to 50/50, because people didn’t want to leave.

What an epic party, that was. Munich Music History. And I was part of it.

Once again, thanks to everybody involved for putting your trust in me. You are the ones making my story grandiose. Without you, there wouldn’t be any story to tell at all.

(Photo credit : Christian Stiefenhofer, stolen from Facebook)