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  • The Milla Cavern

    The Milla Cavern

    I think in the last two years I’ve seen more pictures of shows in the Milla than of pictures of me as a baby in my whole life. It’s smaller than I expected, of course. It’s also more dizzying, this concrete floor that fucks up with your equilibrium,it’s pretty intense, dancing here.

  • Pink lights and good feelings

    Pink lights and good feelings

    Finding that a show is on 15 minutes beforehand through Facebook. Finding out that said show is 10 minutes walk from home. Let’s go. An evening at Café Hüller, on the other side of the Isar. A cold beer in the great company of the Gutfeeling guys. It was about time we did that, too.

  • Leonie Singt (2015)

    Leonie Singt (2015)

    What are you seeing? Is that troubled, dangerous currents or soft waves hitting a rocky shore? Surprisingly, both produce similar sounds. Calming loops of busy noise, fading in, fading out, compelling you to breathe more profoundly, the high tide and the low tide waltzing with your senses.