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  • Travel Chronicle #3 – KSWP Edition

    Travel Chronicle #3 – KSWP Edition

    You know what’s nice? That’s nice. I’m beginning to think there’s a masterplan at work to seduce me into staying in this city forever. We tried to find our way to the rehearsal room (yeah, the indications were totally needed), and found this steep set of metal stairs down what seemed like a redesigned sewer…

  • Travel Chronicle #2

    Travel Chronicle #2

    I’ve literally chased the sun through an ocean yesterday. I watched the sun set on Quebec and I watched it rise on Bayern. I find it terribly poetic. Landing into surrealism is a vivid experience. The edges of reality seemed blurry from all the physical trauma of a 10 hours flight and sleep deprivation and…

  • Travel Chronicle #1

    Travel Chronicle #1

    Yeah I’ll try to do that… I once thought about interviews and stuff, but I feel like if I begin to live this amazing Adventure only through this blog’s eyes and necessities, I am gonna miss out on some important stuff. So we will see what kind of form this blog will take in the…