About #munich again

munichagain.com grew out from the personal blog munichagain.tumblr.com, a fan blog about various artists of the underground scene in Munich, the links between them, and general nerdisms about their music. #munichagain’s main homes are Facebook and Tumblr. On this website though, you can find more diary-like entries from past trips in Munich, album reviews, and chronicles of the ever-growing relationship between the blogger and this Munich Underground Scene she adores.

#munich again is/was/can be :

  • MUNICH AGAIN MITTWOCH : Starting 02/2018 – monthly experimental concerts in Import Export.
  • MUNICH AGAIN THURSDAYS : 02/2017 to 12/2017- weekly bookings of live “underground institutions and hidden gems” from Munich and their friends in Rote Sonne
  • Participation in temporary projects with collaborators to make Munich a groovier place. For example, the “Peace & Noise!” Festivals (and its fundraising campaing) and the Praxis Dr. Schamoni. Coming soon in June 2018 : Knobs and Wires, a Synth Festival in Munich.
  • “Flow Recommendations” – watch out for an overview of gig recs on Facebook
  • Commentary and promotion of releases of the Munich Scene, mainly on Tumblr, and blog entries about the Munich nightlife.
  • Some articles on demand about the Munich Underground, like with the Goethe Institut of Montréal and the French platform Vivre À Munich.
  • Collaborations with Munich bands about internationalization or promotion strategies, e.g. : the success story of The Sound of Money
  • Collaborations with organizations to create bridges between Munich and Montréal, e.g. : the Montréal mini-tour of Pollyester in collaboration with the State of Bavaria Quebec Office and the Goethe Institut of Montréal.

Meet the “blogger”

#munich again is run by Émilie Gendron, Montréal, Canada. Oh wait, scratch that. Émilie Gendron, Munich, Germany. The “blog” is “””alive””” since April 2014.

Émilie is a booker and production manager for live performances, amongst other identities. For the last four years, her love for the Munich Underground Scene grew so much that she decided to move to Munich, in January 2017, from the beautiful city of Montréal, in Canada. Her goal is to make new audiences fall in love with the music she is so passionate about. When she’s not organizing concerts, she’s learning German, going to concerts from other bookers, and DJing under the pseudonym “The Queenston”.