Munich Again Update !

Dear people that sometimes fall on a webpage,

This is a long overdue online update of what happens offline, in this Munich Scene/Subculture(s) where all is known without the need of a WLAN connection.

Munich Again Thursdays is now a monthly Mittwoch in Import Export. I repeat. Munich Again is now every last Wednesday of the month in Import Export! For more informations about that, and for a long overdue wonderful overview of all the magic that happened weekly in Rote Sonne for 10 months : read under the cut B-)

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Munich Again Thursdays – June

Introducing the new Munich Against Nights!

AGAINST any monolithic definitions of beauty
AGAINST quantifying success in any way possible
AGAINST giving space to neoliberalism in subculture
Is it Munich Against, or Against Munich?
Every few weeks this summer, will munich again(st) give Carte Blanche / Freie Hand to a pillar of the Munich Subcultures. Everything is allowed. A platform for experiments and free spirits. And free entry.

All the informations for the June nights can be found on Facebook or the Rote Sonne website.

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Munich Again Thursdays – Mai

We reached the first trimester anniversary! In these last three months, we went through very intimate evenings to a tanzverbot full house, and everything in between. But always, had we an amazing quality of audience and sound trips through a plethora of different universes! Thanks to everybody involved, and this also includes the people that take the time to come over to listen and see!
All the informations for the May nights can be found on Facebook or the Rote Sonne website.

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The opening night from the blogger’s point of view

Hello, here’s the blogger again. Long time no see 🙂 . I want to share my impressions on the first Munich Again Thursday yesterday, not from the booker’s point of view, but from the Emilie that watches the Munich Scene from afar, the Emilie that feels a lot of love for the artists that give her healing energy and the audiences that take the time to really listen to them.
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Munich Again Thursdays – February

munich again stands for: Once again, magic comes from where you don’t expect it. You don’t expect Munich to be a city of hidden beauty, but it is : for a respectable number of people, Munich is a meeting point to make great things happen. Let’s make it known. The Munich Scene is not defined by borders, but by people gathering together to touch audiences, here.

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